Gravitational force and Gravitational field

(c) state that a gravitational field is a region in which a mass experiences a force due to gravitational attraction.

To cover this topic, we need to be aware of the following term first:

Gravitational force

Gravitational force is the pulling force of physical bodies It is force applied per unit mass. Thus the unit for gravitational force is N/Kg, Newton per Kilogram. The magnitude of the gravitational force of Earth is of constant value, that is approximately 10N/Kg. This means that a force of 10N is being applied all the time on any object of 1 Kg mass present on Earth.

Gravitational Field

A gravitational field is an area in which some mass experiences some value of the gravitational force. We all are experiencing the gravitational pull of Earth all the time, therefore we all are present in the gravitational field of Earth. 

Gravitational fields are not just limited to Earth. The gravitational field of the moon causes the low and high tides on the shores of Earth. The gravitational force of the Sun causes the Earth to revolve around the sun. 

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