Newton third law

Newton's third Law

Newtons third law also known as third law of motion is related to the forces
The Law states :
           " Every action has an equal but opposite reaction."

Lets see the following diagram. If a hammer strikes a nail into the wall, we are applying a force on the nail. But this is not the only force that is being applied in the process. The nail also applies an equal but opposite force onto the hammer.

Lets see another example.
As you can see in the image the lady applies a force on the wall so that her skate board moves

towards the left. The more force she applies on the wall, the more acceleration she will get. Hence, it is proved that the resultant force is always opposite to the force applied and of the same magnitude.


Another important thing that comes under this topic is about weight. Weight is a force due to the magnetic field of the earth and is in downward direction. See the following picture

Due to the magnetic pull of the earth, a downward force acts on the table by the book. This is called the weight of the book. In result, the table also applies a resultant force on the book of the same magnitude in the upward direction. So if the weight of the book was, lets say 10N, the table also applies a force of 10N on the book in the upward direction.

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